Get certified.

Are you college student looking to boost your resume? On a budget? Want to expand your expertise in advertising, public relations, or truly any communications of some sort? Trying to simply shine a little brighter amongst others when applying for a job? Look no further than a tool you probably use every single day…Google!

Google Partners have created a number of convenient, knowledgeable, and FREE online courses, which allow you to receive a certification in either Google Analytics, Adwords, or Search once you pass the course!  If that hasn’t sold you yet, the certification lasts up to two years!  Deciding that I wanted to vamp up my qualifications, I went ahead and chose to try and get my certification in Google Analytics, a service Google offers to track and report the flow of website traffic.

Thankfully, Google makes it pretty simple to follow along and gives great detail throughout the course with videos and short quizzes (so I’d suggest you take some notes!). Study up and pay close attention to the modules, then set aside 90 minutes to take the 70 questions exam that you’ll need to score at least an 80% to pass.  If you happen to be having a bad day and don’t pass, no worries.  You’ll be able to freshen up for a week before being able to take it again.  Luckily, I passed the first time and managed to get only two questions wrong!  Rock on! B)


Now that I’m certified, I’m interested to see where and when I’ll be able to apply this knowledge to my major; Advertising and Public Relations.  Being that analytics lets you see how much traffic is coming through your website, I’ve found it extremely fascinating to see how often my blog is being viewed and when the busiest times are on my WordPress.  I’m eager to continue writing on this blog.  I’ve already come up with plenty of different things I’d like to start and keep up with them consistently.

Reflecting over this semester, I’m very much grateful and humbled to have had such positive, influential, and motivating professors who truly care about my success.  I’ve grown so much more as a professional within this past semester; creating a portfolio, perfecting my resume, developing campaign planbooks, expanding my ability to design, strengthening my presenting skills, starting a blog, improving my understandings of technologies, and more.  Im ecstatic to see my continuous growth through future internships and jobs and truly watch my overall work and design evolve as I teeter through different obstacles throughout my career as a designer, social media manager, and advertising consultant.  This semester I truly blossomed in a field that I’ve just started to bud in.




Svendor, H. (2016, December 10). Google Analytics Results [Screenshot].

Svendor, H. (2016, December 10). Google Analytics Certificate [Screenshot].


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