Resumes, Internships & Careers – Oh My!

10 DAYS until the semester is over.  MY GOODNESS.  With now (almost) two semesters of being an Advertising/Public Relations major under my belt, it’s now time to start thinking about internships and jobs in my field.  I decided to visit the career center, not only for an assignment, but to make sure that I’m on the right track and have an appropriate resume to prove to companies and employers that I have what they’re looking for.



Svendor, H. (2016, December 1st). Career Counselor [Photograph].

During my appointment, Mrs. Knapp and I reviewed some ways to make my resume shine!  Being that I’d like to show off my creative and intuitive side to companies, I put a splash a color in my resume that most people wouldn’t have from just any template they found off of Google.  Adding that touch of flair helps you stand our to different employers and gives them a better chance to remember you.  We discussed breaking up the sections that I currently have and breaking them into smaller sections to really focus what accomplishments I can show off in my different levels of experience.  I plan to retouch my resume over holiday break (when I have a little more time to actually breathe) and bring it back to Mrs. Knapp next semester.  It will give me the perfect amount of time to perfect it and strengthen my brand image as I embrace the second semester head on; looking for internships and jobs that will offer me a greater experience in my field.  The GVSU 2017 Career Fair is coming up in February and I’m eager to show employers what I could add to their team!




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