A Splash on Personal Touch


It’s unbelievable to think that I’m putting together my own business card.  Am I really already an adult?  This assignment allowed me to create a personal business card for future networking events, career fairs, and other opportunities to get my name out there into the professional world.  I’m a very bright and outgoing person, so let me add a splash of color to your life (or your business)!  Whether it be a paint brush to a canvas or a paint brush in an Adobe program, I like to let my creativity come out and play.  When creating this card, I wanted to make sure I stand out yet make it still simple enough to not be too far out there.

My graphic design class has opened my horizons in different programs and has pushed my creativity through a handful of different mediums.  We created one-sided business cards in class, and this assignment helped perfect my card overall.  I created the personal brand logo by drawing mosaic tile-like patterns over a handwritten font and used vibrant watercolors to help portray a taste of my personality.  The simple typewriter font creates a more clean and professional look.

Being that this is my first full year taking classes related to my major, I’ve used this fall semester to really “package” and prepare to showcase myself to employers at the GVSU Career Fair in February and other networking events in the future.  The ultimate goal is to find an internship in my field that will provide me with an unforgettable hands-on experience that I can apply to future internships, jobs and careers and bettering my knowledge in the field of advertising and public relations.

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Svendor, H. (2016, November 12th). Adobe InDesign program preview [Screenshot].

Svendor, H. (2016, November 12th). Business card side 1 [Screenshot].

Svendor, H. (2016, November 12th). Business card side 2 [Screenshot].


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