Social Media Management

Last week I was introduced to the handy-dandy social media management tool Tweetdeck!  This tool allows you to manage your Twitter accounts by letting you schedule tweets for different days and times.  It is extremely easy to use, and I had a lot of fun scheduling the different tweets on my account.
I could see why a tool like Tweetdeck would be so useful for different businesses.  It would be a huge hassle if you were managing 10 different Facebook pages or Twitter accounts to keep up with posting every day, let alone every week.  This tool lets you map out posts so that it automatically posts when you want it to.   This makes it easier on the person managing the pages, and the followers like it because they continue to receive wanted information in a timely manner.  Overall, it is an incredibly useful tool that businesses should jump on board with if they haven’t set sail using Tweetdeck already.



Svendor, H. (2016, November 3rd). Tweetdeck Scheduled Tweets [Screenshot].



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