Brand Yourself

For this assignment, I created an account with Brand Yourself to see how my digital presence is ranked on the search engine Google.  I was surprised to find out that my initial score was so incredibly low because specifically within the past couple of years I have been more careful with what I post on social media.  With BrandYourself, it scans risky posts that affiliate it with potentially damaging topics.  A lot of the posts were past posts, and it was interesting to see that those posts can still come up in searches and potentially damage your reputation.  In some cases, it grabbed posts that the site deemed to be dangerous but were instead mistakes based on words that have different synonyms or different meanings within the same word.

There are approximately 10 Svendor’s in the world so there are only 2 or 3 pages that come up when you search my name on Google.  BrandYourself gives you ability to rank those results as “positive”, “negative”, and “not me”.  Some results that came up included third-party sites that grabbed my profile information and captured the photos I have put online.  Depending on what the sites contained, I ranked the top 10 results to help boost what comes up on Google.  In addition, I saw that a few of my professional websites did not show up until the 3rd or 4th result on Google because they were not search engine optimized.  I have began to edit my professional links, which improved my score greatly.  In the near future I plan to optimize my other profiles and my blog to help boost my professional image.  I never knew search engine tools like Brand Yourself existed, but I highly encourage everyone check themselves out on this website, especially when getting ready to apply for jobs or internships!

I completed the following recommendations for improving my score:

  • Optimize the links you want people to find about you in Google – I optimized my Twitter, WordPress, and Linkedin pages.
  • Tagged the first 15 search results on Google for my name – I hit either positive, negative, or not me for every search result for the initial 35 results that came up for me.
  • Publish Brand Yourself profile – This will help me in the future to see who is googling my name and looking for my profile online.
  • Optimized a link for search engines – I optimized my Twitter and Linkedin pages to make them more search engine friendly.

Svendor, H. (2016, October 27). Brand yourself initial score [Screenshot].


Svendor, H. (2016, October 27). Brand yourself updated score [Screenshot].


Using social sites to boost sorority PR


For this project, my task was to utilize Google Adwords to help promote my blog.  Taking a couple of Ad/PR classes and joining the Advertising club have given me some exposure to Google Adwords, but I never had the chance to get hands-on experience with it until CAP 105. I’ve learned quite a bit about SEM/SEO and find great interest in the idea of discovering ways to boost a website’s hits. It was fun finding ways and alternate keywords that would best reach my target audience.

The Google Keyword Tool is a part of a much larger concept: search engine optimization (SEO).  This involves the process of optimizing your web page so that your site will have an increased chance of visibility on search engines, which in turn boosts the website visibility and ranking.  There is a lot to learn about SEO and keywords, and what it takes to make your website SEO friendly.

5 Terms to identify my blog:

“Advertising” = 100K-1M

“Graphic Design” = 100K-1M

“Gamma Phi Beta” = 10K-100K

“Trends” = 100K-1M

“Social Media” = 100K-1M


5 alternative terms Google Adwords suggested:

“Ads” = 1M-10M

“Editing Software” = 10K-100K

“Sorority” = 100K-1M

“App Advertising” = 1K-10K

“Social Sites” = 10K-100K


File Oct 13, 11 34 44 PM.png

Svendor, H. (2016, October 13).  GVSU Gamma Phi Beta [Screenshot].


By promoting different photos on Instagram, Gamma Phi can put out ads to help boost their image.

I used an editing software to put together our last CAP 105 video project, which in return I used for our social media sites.

I am extremely proud to say that I run my sorority social media pages.

App advertising is a new form of advertising.  It allows you to promote your business through different apps your target audience may use.

The Gamma Phi Beta social sites are tailored to fit the target audiences that are following that page.  Twitter is treated differently than Facebook, and the same goes for Instagram.



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