Photoshop Assignment

Svendor, H. S. (Photographer). (2016). My Love – Lola. [Photograph].


For my CAP 105 class, I was assigned the task of familiarizing myself with the program Adobe Photoshop.  Being an Advertising major, the ability to know graphic design and technology basics will give me a one-up in the APR field when it’s time to get started in my career.  We learned the basic skills of Photoshop; learning how to import and export images,  how to edit an image in different layers, how to blend, color correct, apply filters, etc.  I decided to remove an object from the original image and make it seem as if it were never there.

As shown above, in the first photo you’ll notice a giddy, little puppy (her name is Lola in case you were wondering!) sitting nicely waiting to play fetch with a golf ball.  I started by importing the photo into Photoshop.  I then duplicated that same photo – turning it into another layer.  I unlocked the original layer and traced the golf ball by using the ‘Magnetic Lasso’ tool.  After removing the selected area, I was able to toggle back to the second layer and use the stamp tool to select an area of the wood to recreate the wood grain effect.  I used a bit of the ‘Smudge’ and ‘Blur’ tool to blend in the outer areas of the spot.  Lastly, I finalized the photo by throwing a filter over called “Reduce Noise” along with adjusting some of the color.  I didn’t change much because I was already real content with the colors.

I found this assignment to be a fantastic way to really get used to working with Photoshop.  I will definitely be taking these tools to later projects I will work on – both academically and professionally.


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